Dianne BlancatoDianne Blancato

Chef/Owner, 123 Cuisine

After spending nearly ten years as a professional in the public relations and editorial fields, my life-long love of food and cooking led me to attend culinary school. Since graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education, I’ve worked for catering companies in New York and North Carolina, started my personal chef business, and taught cooking classes to people working to overcome health issues caused by poor eating habits.


Inspecting in the greenhouse
Dianne at Harmony Ridge Farms.

The wide variety of food-related projects I’ve worked on include editing and developing recipes for cookbooks, writing newsletters focused on food, and teaching people how to prepare and appreciate foods they may have never tried before. I also worked as a cook preparing meals for the set of a cable TV show, and as the grill chef for a Summer BBQ series on a local TV news show.

As Chef/Owner of 123 Cuisine, I create custom menus for clients, shop for ingredients, cook and package meals so my clients can have delicious, nutritious dinners waiting for them at the end of the day.  I also enjoy developing cooking classes to teach people how to create satisfying meals using fresh, whole, unprocessed ingredients.

Dianne taking lasagna from the oven
Taking Lasagna from the Oven
High School Cooking Class
High School Cooking Class