Meal Service

The fee for 123 Cuisine’s meal service is based on the number of meals prepared at one time.  An all-inclusive service fee covers menu planning, shopping, food preparation, packaging, cleanup, heating instructions and travel.  The grocery cost is additional.  The fee for up to six portions of each meal is:

Three meals: $225 plus the cost of groceries
Four meals: $300 plus the cost of groceries
Five meals: $375 plus the cost of groceries
Six meals: $450 plus the cost of groceries

The best plan for you primarily depends on how much variety you want, whether you prefer meals to be fresh or frozen, and your budget.  A meal typically consists of a protein, vegetable and starch — often three separate items.  A meal may also be a one-dish item, such as a casserole.  Meals are packaged to best accommodate your needs.

If you are interested in this service, we would start by meeting with you to learn about your food preferences — likes, dislikes, allergies and health requirements.  Based on your input, we will provide you with menu options from which to choose. During this consultation, we will also discuss container options and pricing.

catered tableCatered Dinners and Events

123 Cuisine has catered cocktail parties and meals for parties of 2 to 250.  Every event has its own set of variables that affect pricing.  We will provide you with a quote once we learn about what you are planning, including the number of guests, number of courses, type of food to be served, whether it will be a buffet or plated dinner, etc.  Pricing for dinners and cocktail parties is all-inclusive, with a $300 minimum.

Cooking Classes and Demos

We offer custom-designed cooking classes and demos for individuals and groups on a wide variety of topics.  A dinner/demo party is a great way to spend time with friends while learning about a favorite cuisine or cooking technique.  Contact us for pricing.

Pantry Makeovers

People follow many different diets depending on their health issues and allergies. It is often a daunting task for those embarking on a new way of eating to figure out what they can and cannot have.  We can help you get started by conducting a pantry makeover with you.  During this process, we will rid your pantry of items you should not be eating and assist you in stocking it with items that will make it easy for you to prepare quick, simple meals that will satisfy you.  Pricing for pantry makeovers is $50 per hour.